Where to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online? (Buyers Guide)

There are many wrong ways to buy seeds online. This guide will help you find quality seeds while avoiding get ripped off (or getting in trouble).

No, you do not need the “the dark web” to find marijuana seeds.

There are actually many well-established seed suppliers in almost every corner of the globe (some operating for decades).

These seed suppliers are highly-experienced sending stealthy packages successfully around the world. They are known as online marijuana seedbanks.

Best Online Marijuana Seedbanks

Online cannabis seedbanks offer a variety of marijuana strains (cultivars) from a variety of breeders all in one place. The following is my shortlist of the best seedbanks (and a few independent breeders).

These are established, trustworthy companies with solid good reputations, and your best chance to getting high quality seeds delivered safely.

Disclosure: some of the links on this page are affiliate links, meaning if you click on one and make a seed purchase, I receive a small commission. Thank you!

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM)

Ilovegrowingmarijuana.comUSA-based. Premium feminized, autoflowering, medical seed and more.

Good website, and lot’s info for beginners. ILGM ships within the USA plus to Australia, New Zealand, the UK and a handful of other locations.

Verdict: ILGM is a great seed supplier, and especially helpful to beginners & hobby growers. Highly recommended!

Crop King Seeds

Cropkingseeds.com – Canada/USA seed breeder with autofem, dwarf and many “fast” varieties worth looking at.

The only downside is that they are a single breeder, not a seedbank, so not a large variety. I have personally used Crop King Seeds and recommend (“sweet” strains being my fav). Ships to many locations (check before ordering).

Verdict: Recommended for Canadian, USA & Australian growers.

Seedsman Seeds

Seedsman.com – Is a European-based cannabis seedbank, founded in 2002, with worldwide shipping.

  • Popular breeders include the Dutch Passion, Royal Queen Seeds (RQS), Humbolt Seeds, Mephisto Genetics and hundreds more.
  • The only downside to Seedsman: too many choices makes it hard to choose. For example, just looking at “Blueberry Auto” strains… over 50 results.
  • Accepts many forms of payment including Bitcoin. They are definitely one of my top recommendations for buying seeds online.
  • Worldwide shipping.

Verdict: Highly recommended. Almost anything you are looking for is likely available from Seedsman, and they ship everywhere.

The Vault Cannabis Seed Store

Cannabis-seeds-store.co.uk – The Vault is a UK-based seed bank has a huge range of marijuana breeders, and been around since 2012.

  • You’ll find big names like Sensi & Barney’s along with more boutique breeders & hard to find landrace strains by Phoenix Seeds.
  • The Vault accepts Bitcoin & bank transfers along with many other payment methods.
  • Worldwide discreet, safe shipping and customer service are what they are best known for.

Verdict: Recommended. Excellent variety and easy to navigate website & solid customer service.

Sensi Seeds

SensiSeeds.com – Sensi Seeds is an Amsterdam-based seed bank founded in 1985. Today, they boast over 500 varieties offering their own and a few other breeders.

  • Sensi has a great reputation, and although a long time favorite of pros — they have an excellent feminized seed collection perfect for novices and hobby growers.
  • The downside of Sensi? They only ship within the European Union.

Verdict: Highly recommended for those in Europe looking for a reliable supplier of marijuana seeds.

Tiger One Wholesale Seeds

Tiger-One.eu – Wholesale Seeds, based in Europe. Huge variety of international breeders and thousands of cultivars.

  • If you want to order bulk cannabis or hemp seed, this is a supplier to check out.
  • Ships worldwide.

Verdict: Best for bulk orders & wholesale.

Growers Choice Seeds

Growerschoiceseeds.comUSA-based (California) with worldwide shipping. Promise a 90% germination rate on their cannabis seeds. Accepts credit cards and bitcoin payments.

Seedbanks and Breeders by Country

To make it easy for those looking for seed suppliers in their own country (or maybe researching exotics from around the globe), here’s where to by cannabis seeds by country / location.

United States Seedbanks & Breeders

These distributors are based and ship from the USA:

Canada Seedbanks & Breeders

  • Crop King Seeds – Vancouver, BC breeder and distributor of high-quality cannabis seeds. (ships worldwide)
  • Seed King Based in BC, Canada & ships worldwide. Accepts Visa, MC and BTC payments.
  • True North Seedbank – East coast seedbank with large range of breeders and strains.

UK-based Seedbanks & Breeders

  • The Vault – Highly recommended, UK-based seedbank has a huge range of breeders, and worldwide discreet shipping.
  • Gorilla Seeds – Ships via Royal Mail within the UK and internationally.
  • MSNL – Well-established. Ships from UK.

European-based Seedbanks & Breeders

  • Seedsman.com – Highly recommended, European seedbank with worldwide shipping.
  • Tiger-One.eu – Wholesale Seeds (huge variety), based in Europe. Worldwide shipping.
  • Sensi Seeds – Sensi Seeds is an Amsterdam-based seed bank. Large selection, but only ships within the EU.
  • WeedSeedShop.comEuropean supplier of cheap weed seeds. I don’t have experience with them, but they are affiliated with a trustworthy partner of mine who vouched for them.
  • Ministry of Seeds – Spain seed breeder, with world-wide shipping.

South Africa Seedbanks & Breeders

  • Green Smoke Room SeedsSouth Africa distributors of multiple breeders including unique genetics. Has very large collection of SA-exclusive seeds and merchandise, but also robust collection available to Canada, USA, UK, Europe and more.

Other Place to Buy Cannabis Seeds

Check with your local headshop, dispensary, or grow supply store. The inventory will probably be limited vs what you can find from a seedbank, but maybe you’ll get lucky and find a grow-buddy.

Do not seeds buy from: Twitter / Instagram DMs promising cheap seeds. Reviews can, and often are, faked. While it’s possible some people distribute seeds through social media, it is also a really good way to get ripped off (or worse).

Seed Buying FAQs

Are online seed companies legitimate?

There are plenty of well-known online seed suppliers with great reputations, such as the above. But please be aware: There are also plenty of scams.

Scammers will get you to send payments upfront using fake reviews and enticing pricing and promises – and then simply disappear with your money.

(any seed company I recommend has been vetted by partners or I have personally dealt with).

Is it legal to grow weed?

This depends 100% on your location. Even places where recreational cannabis is fully legal, like Canada and California, some restrictions apply on the quantity of plants allowed. Always check with your own local & federal regulations.

How can seedbanks sell seeds?

You might wonder how seedbanks can exist for decades in countries where cannabis is illegal. Many seedbanks skirt legal troubles by selling seeds as a novelty (vs something used to grow cannabis). As a seed, they are not illegal — but once you germinate them (grow) then you might be breaking the law depending on your location.

Can I get seeds shipped to the United States?

Yes, for sure. Most of the above seedbanks ship to the USA, with smart & discreet shipping. No problem.

Can I buy marijuana seeds anonymously?

Yes, it is possible to be stealthy, and seedbanks recommended on this page already understand this need, using plain packaging, and credit card processing is done with generic non-cannabis names. If privacy is crucial to you, then I would suggest using one of the seedbanks above that accepts bitcoin, and also use a VPN service to keep your browsing and purchasing history private.

Why Are Marijuana Seeds So Expensive?

Breeding & cultivating cannabis is a science and art. (you’ll soon realize when you start growing your own plants). The most expensive type of seeds are auto-flowering & feminized. This means they have been bred to be only female seeds & require no special lighting schedule in order to make them flower.

When you buy non-feminized seeds, you have a 50% chance of getting male seeds. Only female seeds produce flower (buds), and male seeds actually ruin the female plants if they are kept together.

So, while these “autofem” seeds are more expensive than regular seed, they take much of the hassle out of growing. I highly recommend them to beginners.

Does seed size matter?

Size doesn’t say much about the quality of a seed. While most cannabis seeds are around the size of a matchhead, they vary by strain and variety. Seeds of indica plants are larger than those of sativa types (but this is a not a rule).

BTW — You can not tell the sex of a plant by the seed.

Should I Buy Locally?

If possible, yes. Although many seed companies ship worldwide, with discreet packaging… in order to avoid cross-border issues — I recommend using a seed supplier in your own country. Though to get some strains & breeders you might need to find an international source.

Is it difficult to grow marijuana from seed?

No. Most anyone can grow cannabis if they are willing to learn. It is a fun and rewarding hobby. Pre-feminized, auto-flowering seeds are great for beginners to learn the basics and produce their own weed with very few difficulties or special supplies.

Even if you have a shameful past of killing every plant you’ve tried to grow, new seed genetics take most of the past difficulties away. Plus, there are many online forums, reddit groups and even podcasts and videos for new growers (and sites like this that will help you find good resources and suppliers).

Conclusion and Discussion

This list is not complete, but it is a good starting place to find legitimate seeds with the best chance of smooth & safe delivery.

Questions, comments? What’s Your Favorite Online Cannabis Seedbank? Let me know in your comments below, thanks!

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