Advertising Disclosure (how this site makes money)

This website is supported by these cannabis growing affiliate programs. This means I receive commission if you make a purchase using my links.

Not all links on this site are affiliate links, but many are. Thank you for your support.

Affiliate Disclosure

These are some of the companies I currently work with and receive commissions if you make a purchase from them through my site:

I Love Growing Marijuana – ILGM offers premium feminized, autoflowering, hemp seed and other growing products and kits. Ships to Australia, New Zealand, USA, and the UK.

Super Closet – Grow tents, closet & box kits and other growing equipment like high-end LED lighting, hydroponics and cloning tools. – Seedbank with worldwide shipping. Popular breeders including the Humbolt Seed and  Mephisto Genetics. Almost anything you are looking for is likely available here.

The Vault Seed Bank The Vault features a huge range of breeders. Bitcoin accepted. Worldwide shipping.

The above is just a partial list. However, I do vet all advertisers I work with before vouching for them.

What Are Cannabis Affiliate Programs?

When you make a purchase (for seeds, growing supplies, etc) through one of these links — I might earn a commission. Thank you! This sort of advertising is called “affiliate marketing”.

Background: Sometimes there are so many advertisements on a website, it’s hard to find the information you need. Or, it’s hard to tell if someone really likes a product or only review it because they have been paid to be an influencer.

This is why my preferred method for monetizing my websites, is by honest affiliate marketing. I aim to write excellent helpful guides and include links to relevant products (on this site that means the links to grow supplies like seeds, LED lights, fertilizer, education resources, etc.)

Not all links on this site are affiliate links, but many are! If you want to learn more about affiliate programs look at

This means I am more likely to feature products and services that have an affiliate or referral program and a good reputation. I link to what I know (from experience) or believe are reputable sources and suppliers — and if I have no experience with a company and their rep is unknown, I say so in the description of them.

Ultimately, I am hoping you are looking for something like seeds, a DIY weed kit, or other growing accessory — and this website helps you navigate what is legit vs scam. When you make a purchase through my links, we make a small commission and can continue to work on this site.

If you are a cannabis webmaster please get in touch. Let’s figure out how to help each other. — Thanks! @seed2bud