Royal Dwarf AutoFem Seeds (Editor’s Choice)


Royal Dwarf Auto-flowering Feminised Seeds by Royal Queen Seeds

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This high-yield (relative to its small size), mostly sativa cultivar is an autoflowering variety with an average grow duration of just 8 – 9 weeks.

These are feminized seeds, so you don’t need to worry about sexing the plants in order to keep them from going to seed — making this a good strain for beginner cannabis growers. Known for being impossible to mess up.

  • How big? These are bred to be short and branchy. When grown indoors the plants will stay in the range 40 – 70 cm (about 1.5-2 feet tall). Sometimes used for cannabis bonsai.
  • How much? A beginner should be able to produce 30 g/plant with little more than houseplant-like care.

Editor’s pick for hobby growers that want a cannabis houseplant that still produces quality smoke.

A good choice for beginners or lazy growers. But, also fun for more ambitious growers to practice tye-down methods and “bonsai” styling. You’ll find a lot of grow diaries of people doing creative things with this in their microgrows.


  • Very discreet, worldwide shipping available.
  • Royal Dwarf Auto-flowering Feminised Seeds by RQS grows like a houseplant.
  • Price based on package of 1 Seed.

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Examples & Discussions of Royal Dwarf Grows:

  • Royal Dwarf Grow Example – Nice trim job. And this video via reddit will give you an idea of what is possible with this seed. Pretty fun! If you like the idea of mini-cannabis plants, see the subreddit =/r/NanoGrowery/
  •  Microgrows subreddit – Good place to see gelato cannabis grown by beginners & hobbyists.


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